Finance, Insurance and Aftermarket.

Most people finance a portion of their vehicle. Whether it’s a traditional loan, chattel mortgage, commercial lease, etc, it’s important that the finance structure works as well as it can for each buyer.

Ken Muston Automotive can offer a wide range of finance products from a number of different providers. We can build into the finance package insurance, extended warranties, guaranteed buyback, service plans and paint protection packs. Speak to our expert Chris Kinder to find a lender that works for you.

  • Loan Protection

  • 3rd Party Comprehensive Insurance

  • Gap Cover

  • Tyre & Rim Insurance

  • Extended Warranty

  • Novated Lease

  • Commercial Lease

Our Business Manager Chris Kinder, has over 20 years experience in the finance industry, specialising in vehicle finance. He has built excellent relationships with both clients and lenders, by ensuring he offers the very best product for your individual circumstances.

Even if you have finance pre-approval, why not run the quote past Chris and see what he can do, you may be surprised!

Contact Chris on 03 5821 6688 or email.

Chris Kinder from Ken Muston Automotive
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