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Mercedes-Benz Sticker to the Rescue!

Mercedes-Benz again flaws the industry with an innovative stick that could save your life.


Always at the forefront of innovation, Mercedes-Benz leads the way with the inclusion of QR code stickers on their vehicles.

Now you are probably asking what on earth is a ‘QR code’? The code is a machine-readable code made up of an array of black and white squares. The purposes is to take a piece of information and make it readable by your mobile phone (or ipad, or reader.) They are more useful than a standard barcode because they store and digitally offer much more data including URL links, geo coordinates and text. To read the QR code, you download an App to your device. Once opened, you are able to use the camera on your phone to take a ‘picture’ of the QR code which then activates the data to be viewed.


MB OR Code sticker

MB OR Code sticker

The way in which Mercedes-Benz has incorporated this technology, has been to take the traditionally provided printed and/or downloadable PDF Car information (found inside your vehicle) and access it through the QR code sticker. By scanning the QR Code with a smartphone or tablet, emergency services will have immediate access to a detailed rescue card which contains all of the structural details specific to the vehicle model. This includes the location of the airbags, battery, high strength steel  and fuel tank- therefore giving them vital information quickly, and minimising the risk and time involved in freeing passengers.

All Mercedes-Benz vehicles produced from 2013 onwards, have this sticker in their vehicle. If your Mercedes-Benz is produced between 1990 and 2013 and does not have the QR sticker, you are able to have this retrofitted complimentary with your authorised Mercedes-Benz dealership. Why not double check this at your next service with us? Or give us a call to arrange a time to have this done quickly for you. 03 5821 6688


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