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Ken Muston Isuzu UTE Shepparton

Isuzu UTE accessories

Over on our Facebook page we have started a new album called ‘Show us your gear.’ Here we will have an opportunity to showcase some of the great looking D-Max and MU-X vehicles that have some fantastic accessories fitted. Some are for the serious 4X4 enthusiast, some keep the roo’s off, and some are just because they look great. Here is an example of some of the pics you will find in the album.

Ken Muston Isuzu UTE Shepparton

Ken Muston Isuzu UTE Shepparton

This D-Max is ready for off road adventures with upgraded Alloy Wheels plus a lift kit and snorkle. The red tip on the snorkle is complimented by the custom red badging on the front. The colour coded canopy keeps the gear dry. Doesn’t it look fantastic! This vehicle actually belongs to our Sales Executive Brad Kelly, who is a keen Isuzu UTE man. Chat to him next time you are in about the various accessories that we can fit, to make your vehicle work in the best way for you. Make sure you like our Facebook pageĀ as we will keep adding pics of new cars that are delivered with accessories on them. (Photo credit to Brad Kelly, looks like a nice place for a drive!)

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