We (Ken Muston Automotive) take the privacy of your personal details very seriously and strive to adhere to the Privacy Act 1988 at all times.

During the course of your dealings with Ken Muston Automotive we will gather personal information about you and your vehicle/s. This may occur when you visit our dealership, visit our websites or social media pages, contact our team members, provide services to us, or attend events where we are present. The information we gather may include name, licence details, address information, previous purchases, family details, work history and financial information. We hold and use this personal data to provide you with products, services and information relevant to you or your vehicle. Information is only gathered if it is deemed necessary to the effective functioning of our business, and to providing exceptional service to our customers.

This information is stored securely on our computer network which is protected and constantly updated by a specialist technology company, it is also stored on our Dealer Management System which sits within our protected network. Documents that are required to be kept in hard copy such as signed contracts are locked in a secure store room, and after the required amount of time (currently 7 years) this information is destroyed via a locked shredder box.

Portions of your personal information may be shared with a select group of entities that provide services on our behalf. Examples of this are below:

-Vehicle manufacturers. For the purpose of warranty requirements, recall notifications, services completed, product requests.

-Regulatory bodies such as VicRoads and Victoria Police.

-Financial institutions. Only in the case where a vehicle is being financed, or has been financed previously.

-3rd party providers where work is being undertaken on our behalf such as, window tinting/replacement, paint protection, vehicle delivery, leather upholsterers, event companies & mail houses.

Ken Muston Automotive will never sell your personal information to another entity, and we do not provide information to entities not related to your vehicle or interests.

If you have concerns about the privacy of your information that we hold, please direct your complaint to our privacy offer on the below details. If you are not satisfied with the response, you have to option of taking your case to the Commissioner.

If at any stage you wish to learn what information we hold on you, would like to update your details or stop receiving communications from us, please contact our privacy officer via the below details.

Ken Muston Automotive Privacy Officer

PO Box 7539 Shepparton, VIC, 3632

reception@kenmuston.com.au (Attn: Privacy Officer)

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